Reliable Quality

Our whole product ranges are tested according to Australian Standard (AS 2047-2014 Windows and external glazed doors in buildings). On top of that, all materials and hardware we designed for our window system are even beyond Australian standard.

Competitive Price

Strictly selected quality suppliers and continuously progressive supply chain management ensure we are able to supply you the most competitive price with premium quality of windows and doors.

Excellent customer service

There is no the best service from us, we promptly to investigate how can we do better in service. Quick responses, the most up to date planning and communication with builders, QC is not enough, we keep asking ourself a question “what do you expect if you are customers?”




What is so special about Aluming Windows & Doors. In this traditional industry, our staff keep asking ourselves a question, what can we bring into this industry? We are keen to change the way of communication, management, technical skills and technologies from a conventional way to a smarter way in window industry. Safer construction, less waste, more effective communication, cheaper materials without compromising quality are something we are keep looking for.

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